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Was Were Without Action

Was Were without Action

Was – Singular Were – Plural

1. मैं खुश था ।

I was happy.

2. मैं डरा हुआ था।

I was scared.

3. मैं संदेह में था।

I was suspicious/doubtful.

4. मैं दयालु था।

I was kind.

5. मैं समझदार था।

I was sensible.

6. मैं थका हुआ था।

I was tired.

7. मैं गंभीर था।

I was serious.

8. मैं निराश था।

I was disappointed.

9. मैं अकेला था।

I was alone.

10. मैं शर्मिला था।

I was shy.

11. मैं गोरा था।

I was fair.

12. मैं सुन्दर था।

I was handsome.

13. मैं बच्चा था।

I was child.

14. मैं तुम्हारा दोस्त था।

I was your friend.

15. मैं गरीब था।

I was poor.

16. वह शादी शुदा था।

He was married.

17. वह घबराहट में थी।

She was nervous.

18. रोमा अकेली थी।

Roma was alone.

19. हैरी घर पर था।

Harry was at home.

20. वे होशियार थे।

They were intelligent/ smart.

21. हम आलसी थे।

We were lazy.

22. वे इमानदार थे।

They were honest.

23. वह बहुत खुश था।

He was very happy.

24. वह पागल था।

He was mad.

25. वह विनित था।

He was Vinit.


1. मैं लालची नहीं था।

I was not greedy.

2. कटप्पा बुरा आदमी नहीं था।

Katappa was not a bad man.

3. वह देवसेना नहीं थी।

She was not Devsena.

4. वह मेरा दोस्त नही था।

He was not my friend.

5. वे चालाक नही थे।

They were not clever.

6. तुम मेरे दोस्त नही थे।

You were not my friend.

7. वे हमारे रिश्तेदार नही थे।

They were not our relatives.

8. हम चालाक नही थे।

We were not clever.

9. रीता आलसी नही थी।

Reeta was not lazy.

10. वे होशियार नही थे।

They were not intelligent.

Interrogative or Negative

1. क्या तुम निर्दोष थे?

Were you innocent?

2. क्या वह तुम्हारा दोस्त था?

Was he your friend?

3. क्या वह समझदार लड़की थी?

Was she a sensible girl?

4. क्या वह आकाश नहीं था?

Wasn’t he Akash?

5. क्या तुम उसके दोस्त नहीं थे?

Weren’t you his friend?/Were you not his friend?

6. वह तुम्हारा दुश्मन क्यों था?

Why was he your enemy?

7. वह सुबह कहां था?

Where was he in the morning?

8. वह क्यों थका हुआ था?

Why was he tired?

9. वह बुरा आदमी क्यों था?

Why was he a bad man?

10. वह रात कहां था?

Where was he in the night?

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